Land and Watershed Restoration & Stewardship

Design Ecology of Santa Fe develops habitat restoration planning, implementation and management strategies for the Upper Rio Grande Bio-Region. Our habitat restoration work is focused on restoring and creating the natural communities specific to our region to provide the greatest benefit and success of the restoration intervention. Design Ecology Santa Fe is dedicated to restoring degraded natural ecological systems while simultaneously protecting and conserving existing healthy natural ecological systems. Our work in this field includes developing strategies for the restoration and conservation of the natural landscape as well as the integration of ecological systems into the built landscape. We are strong proponents of bio-mimicry and regenerative design as we believe that many of the solutions to our current environmental problems can be found in nature itself. We also believe that it is important to remember that humans are a part of nature and not separate from it and as such we should work to re-forge the connections between our build environment and the natural environment from where we come. Our standard habitat restoration workflow includes four distinct elements including: site assessment and analysishabitat restoration plan, habitat implementation and monitoring and maintenance.