Ecological Landscape Design

Design Ecology Santa Fe develops high quality and ecologically rooted designs that are based upon the principles of Ecological Design, Regenerative Systems, Permaculture and Native Habitat Restoration. We function as a design oriented think-tank, developing solutions to the myriad of environmental problems our world faces today.  Our work reflect the high value we place on the power inherent in natural systems and patterns, traditional ecological knowledge and regenerative technology. Every project we are involved with reflects these values as will as the needs and aesthetic of our clients and the ecological systems in which they are constructed.

Design Ecology Santa Fe work reflects our belief that natural and built landscapes are not mutually exclusive and the importance of ecologically rooted human development on all scales. We make this belief a reality through the integration of native ecologic communities and processes into the fabric of constructed human landscape.

We work tirelessly to ensure that we design and develop landscapes that establish balanced between the client’s needs and aesthetic and the natural ecology of the site. The landscapes we design and build are beautiful and functional recreations of the natural native landscape that existed onsite prior to the sites development beautifully merged with the clients vision.

We work with our knowledge of the native ecological systems, plant communities, landforms and energy patterns and our expertise in landscape architecture, natural resource planning and conservation to re-create healthy and vibrant native habitat. These re-created native landscapes offer a wide range of benefits – well beyond those of the average designed landscape. Our Work encompasses:


At Design Ecology Santa Fe we recognize that each client and landscape possess their own individual characteristics and constraints. Design Ecology Santa Fe uses a whole-systems approach in all of our design and planning work in order to best integrate the ideals and needs of the client with the opportunities and constrains of the natural landscape we are working within. This allows us to collaboratively create successful, beautiful and vibrant human spaces that are rooted in the ecology of the places in which these projects are developed. The goal is to create places that bridge culture and nature. Design Ecology Santa Fe provides ecological design and planning services for private, residential, academic, municipal, commercial, parks, and other open-spaces.