10000+ Raingardens in Melbourne Australia

This morning I discovered that there is an initiative in Melbourne, Australia to have local residents install 10,000 rain gardens to protect the cities natural waters. The initiative has really taken off with over 7,000 gardens already installed. 10000+ Raingardens contribute to healthy waterways



To aid people in the design and development of their own raingardens the city set up a site dedicated to explaining what raingardens are, why building them is a good idea, how to build them and existing examples to inspire people, how cool! Raingardens

I am really impressed with how the city has engaged it’s residents in the sustainable management of stormwater and natural waterways. I think it is really amazing to help regular people draw cognitive connections between natural cycles (rain fall), human development (increases in impervious surfaces / pollution) and natural systems (stream, rivers, ponds and lakes). Too often the interconnection between the build environment and the natural landscape is lost and people forget that even while living in large urban areas they can have an impact, beneficial or negative, on the natural world.

As someone who is really excited by the topics of green infrastructure, sustainable stormwater management and low impact development I think that the 10000+ Raingardens initiative is 100% amazing! Check out Melbourne’s Raingarden Flicker page here to see some examples of gardens people have built: Raingardens


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