Land and Watershed Restoration & Stewardship

Design Ecology of Santa Fe develops habitat restoration planning, implementation and management strategies for the Upper Rio Grande Bio-Region. Our habitat restoration work is focused on restoring and creating the natural communities specific to our region to provide the greatest benefit and success of the restoration intervention. More info

Ecological Landscape Design

Design Ecology Santa Fe develops high quality and ecologically rooted designs that are based upon the principles of Ecological Design, Regenerative Systems, Permaculture and Native Habitat Restoration. We function as a design oriented think-tank, developing solutions to the myriad of environmental problems our world faces today.   More info

Rain Water Harvesting

Design Ecology Santa Fe promotes the sustainable use of our precious water resources through the exploration of a variety of water harvesting design and planning strategies. Here in the South-West we are all familiar with the importance and scarcity of water. We are also all becoming familiar with the benefits of harvesting the storm water than falls onto our landscapes.

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